Active Home Vista is the ´control center´ of your home automation system. You can control all your devices, program the X10 interface and receive updates from the X10 interface to see what´s going on X10-wise.
Dusk & dawn timers are supported. The limited EEPROM of the interface is used in an efficient way to store as many timers & macros as possible. Also DST support is present. For a number of X10 devices a program wizard is available.
The program supports text to speech & speech recognition. Besides that it´s possible to use the program within your own scripts using a simple command line interface.
Last but not least the program can serve as server for multiple network clients (including a client running on Android).
You´ll need a computer, a free serial port (or USB) and a X10 interface to do anything useful.

The following interfaces are supported:

  • CM10A / IBM Home director 16 (beta, note that downloading macros to the CM10A is not supported)
  • CM11A (CM12)
  • CM17A
  • CP10 (beta)

What´s New in version 1.5.3:
  • Fixed: access violation (address 000ECCD2) in case of inconsistent unit bar settings
  • Fixed: device updates were not broadcasted to network clients if the ´Show tray updates´ options was disabled
  • Changed: default of ´Start minimized´ changed to disabled

Active Home Vista 1.5.3 [ 1.49MB ]