GoalBit is a P2P software for delivering high-bandwidth live-content to all network peers. It's a peer to peer distribution system, capable of distributing high-bandwidth live-content to all network peers preserving its quality.

This project follows a bittorrent-like approach where the stream is decomposed into several flows sent by different peers to each client.
In order to measure the peers perceived quality, it is used the recently proposed PSQA (Pseudo-Subjective Quality Assessment) technology.


  • GoalBit is a software project, which produces free software for video streaming, released under the GNU General Public License.
  • GoalBit runs on GNU/Linux, Solaris, and Microsoft Windows.
  • BitTorrent streaming (based on the BitTorrent protocol).
  • Supported input media: File, Video acquisition (DV, webcam), HTTP/MMS/FTP, UDP/RTP Unicast/Multicast, TCP/RTP Unicast, DVD, VCD, SVCD, etc.
  • Various audio and video formats supported (MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, WMV, mp3, ogg, wma).
  • Full video delivery network monitoring suite included (the perceived quality at the client side is measured in real time and automatically)
GoalBit Media Player 0.7.4 What´s new in version 0.7.4:
  • Information, warning and error messages incorporated
  • No more akward start for H.264 video streams 
Download Link:  GoalBit Media Player 0.7.4