CRM-Express Free Edition is a free high quality CRM program. CRM-Express can be used to manage your contacts and customers. Furthermore, the latest version now allows you to do email marketing. The program has a built-in email client. This means that you can send out newsletters, program updates, etc. to a list consisting of a section of your contacts. You can use up to 5 lists in the Free Edition. Unsubscribes and bounced emails can be managed by using the emails received. The email manager also allows you to send out email to a single person or a group.

The program also has an address book, task manager, notes and email campaign manager. The address book allows you to manage contacts. All correspondence with a contact like notes, tasks, emails are connected to the contact. If you look-up a contact all this information is immediately available. The Free version never expires.

What's new in this version: Email campaigns has been add. You can now...

  • Import contacts from ASCII files
  • Create mailing lists from sub-sections of your contacts
  • Send customized emails to the contacts in the list
  • Handle unsubscribe and bounced emails
  • There is no limit on the number of emails you can send as you use your own email account
CRM-Express Free v.2012.8.6

Upgrading from an older version of CRM-Express Installation steps

It's strongly advise to make a backup of the current installation by using Windows Explorer. The current installation is usually under C:\Program Files\CRM-Express
  • Run Add/Remove program from Control Panel and remove CRM-Express
  • Using Windows Explorer, check that the directory and all the files in it are removed under C:\Program Files\CRM-Express
  • Install the new CRM-Express program from the setup.exe
  • Run CRM-Express and click on OK to upgrade your database.
Note: CRM-Express Professional stores the address books by default in the My Documents\CRM-Express\AddrBooks folder.
When removing the program with Control Panel in (2) above the installation program does not delete these address books which allows the new version to upgrade it.

Rollback to an older version

Follow the following steps
  • Run Add/Remove program from Control Panel and remove CRM-Express
  • Change the version number in the file CRM-Express.ini to a version before the one you want to install
  • Install the older version
  • Start CRM-Express and click on OK when asked if you want to upgrade

Download CRM-Express Free Edition v.2012.8.6
Operating system: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8