Ubiquitous Player is a portable audio, mp3, flac, ogg, wavpack, ape, alac, wav, CD player, image viewer, text editor, file manager, web browser, bookmark manager, and calculator. Or just a music player with easy to use file explorer.

Ubiquitous Player includes:

  1. Music player - Quick and easy access to your music. Playlists based on folders and files. mp3, flac, wv, ape, alac, aac, wav, ogg, wma, aif + mod, xm, s3m, mtm
  2. Image viewer
  3. Text editor
  4. File manager (with file renamer)
  5. Web browser
  6. Bookmark manager
  7. Notes
  8. Calculator
  9. Screen capture tool
  10. Snipping tool
  11. Color picker
  12. Virtual keyboard
  13. Even more

Ubiquitous Player 7.5 - Portable audio player, image viewer, and more

It's completely 100% portable, doesn't need installation and can be used from your USB flash drive. Unicode is supported.

What´s New in version 7.5:
  • Improvements to Music player, File manager, Image viewer, themes. 

Download Ubiquitous Player 7.5
A portable audio player, image viewer, text editor, file manager, and more
Size: 1.56MB | OS: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8