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Open Source Technology
eyeOS is released under the AGPLv3 license and only needs Apache + PHP5 + MySQL to run. With eyeOS you can build your private Cloud Desktop today.

Powerful Applications Bundled
eyeOS includes 5 powerful applications out of the box thought to be simple and easy to use: Word Processor, Calendar, Mail Client, Spreadsheets and Files Manager

Cloud Computing
There has been a lot of fuzz about cloud computing. This IT service concept involves hosting of data and applications on remote servers. However, the concept "cloud computing" is very fuzzy and has been stretched a lot. In this post I will take a look at eyeOS, an open-source cloud operating system, developed by a small team mainly situated in Barcelona, Spain. The company makes money on technical support.

Many people are unsure what cloud computing is really for except paying monthly fees to service providers and loosing control of data and applications. You might want to hear and see Google's Eric Schmidt, Microsoft's Steve Ballmer, and Oracle's Larry Ellison try to explain and give their opinions about cloud computing.

Maddog Hall, a well-known programmer with near mythical status in open-source circles, explains his opinion about cloud computing in this video and he emphasizes the importance of open-source for cloud operating in order to keep in control. He explains that he likes about eyeOS that you can stay in control.

There are two options to start using eyeOS right now: eyeOS 1.x stable and 2.x beta. The 1.9 branch is a stable base to be used in a production environment. It has more than 200 developed apps from the eyeOS community and 35 base applications bundled in the system. It has been the stable branch for more than 2 years now. The 2.x beta is the new series of eyeOS which is in active development and will replace 1.x as stable in a few months. It includes live collaboration and many more social capabilities than eyeOS 1.x.

1.x - Stable base
* More than 250 applications from eyeOS community
* 35 available languages
* To be used in production environments

Click image below to launch EyeOS 1.x

2.x - Beta status
* More than 20 applications
* Live collaboration
* Social capabilities
* 20 available languages

Click image below to launch EyeOS 2.x Beta

Many conclusions from this review article of eyeOS, are still valid after two years and the big question remains: what does eyeOS provide that you cannot find in online services, such as google docs and other services? Anyways, see eyeOS maintainers answer "what can eyeOS do for me?". I am not completely sure what it can do for me, however i think i will use it for storage of some documents.