New version of Picasa 3.8 is now available to download and this time they have come up with a new feature which might makes your online photo editing easy. I am good at Photoshop but all are not so for them Picnic is the best online picture editing tool which is now integrated with desktop version of Picasa.

Picnic has a wide range of variety of tools to give your pictures a better new look. These all features of Picnic are available right inside of Picasa. That means one picture can be edited inside Picasa with Picnic and changes can be saved directly inside your hard disk, all from Picasa.

Simply select any picture from inside your Picasa album and there you’ll see one option ‘Edit in Picnic’ press it and in one go you’ll be in picnic.

Note – you need to be connecting to internet to access Picnic.

Not only Picnic but they have come up with few more interesting cool features in their new version of Picasa like Face Movies, Batch Album Upload from Picasa to Picasa, and Meta updates. Batch Album Upload is quite helpful feature they have build in Picasa new version. It can upload entire album all at the same time so if you’re tired of uploading pictures one by one then this features is for you.

Like Picnic, Face Movie is a definite must-see, you can create a movie based pictures around a person. As the photos transition from one to another the subject’s face stays aligned in one focus area, creating a unique smooth viewing experience, it can’t be express in lines better to see it yourself.

Few quick additional options with Picasa Web Albums is Remove albums, change upload size, visibility, or the sync state of photos that are already online on Picasa Web Albums.

Download Links:
Picasa 3.8 for Win XP / Vista / 7 - 10.4Mb

Picasa 3.8 for Mac - 24.1Mb
For Mac OS X 10.4.9+  [ Requires Intel CPU ]

Picasa 3.8 for iPhoto User - 1.4Mb
Requires Mac OS 10.4+, Supports iPhoto 4,5,6 and iPhoto '08 (version 7)

Picasa 3.8 for Linux [Beta]:
Please see for information on using Google's Linux Software Testing Repository to install Picasa 3 for Linux.

If you don't want to use the repositories, or don't have a compatible package manager, you may also download the packages directly from the following URLs:

All downloads are approximately 30 MB: Picasa software (13 MB), Wine (11 MB) and Gecko engine (6 MB).