Green Force Player is a portable alternative media player, with many additional functions. One of these functions is to protect media files. You can save your audio and video files with a password and protect them against screenshots.
Another very interesting function is the coverflow. Last but not least, there is a cache system that is used to reduce usage of your hard disc.
This software has been developed for Windows. It was tested with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. GFP is easy to use and therefore ideal for beginners. However, there are also advanced functions for professional usage.


  • Playing video files (depending on the installed DirectShow codecs)
  • E.g. Windows 7: wmv, avi, mpg, mpeg, vob, asf, ...
  • Audio playback (depending on the installed DirectShow codecs)
  • E.g. Windows 7: ogg, flac, wma, mp3, wav, ...
  • Integrated Ogg and Flac Decoder!
  • Custom container format (*. gfp) for Password protected media (Provides configuration options to prevent screenshots and to restore the original file).
  • For more codecs Shark007 can be installed (
  • Audio CD playback
  • DVD video playback
  • Video and audio streaming from URL
  • Visualisation
  • Automatic update function
  • Import different playlistformats

What´s New in version 1.01:
  • Added: New error requester with send report option
  • Added: New can't update requester with a option to restore the DB
  • Added: Own Trackbar
  • Added: "default" password (if you don't want to use a pw you can use the default)
  • Added: GFP to the "open with" dialog
  • Added: .ogm, .ogv, .divx, .ram,... file extensions
  • Added: Codec installation (with ".gfp-codec" files)
  • Added: GFPCrypt with a GUI to encrypt a lot of files
  • Improved: Logging
  • Improved: Prefer DShow for ogg and flac files
  • Improved: Aspect ratio
  • Improved: Button order
  • Improved: About window
  • Corrected: Loading failed for different files (mp3, wmv,... files)
  • Corrected: Settings for loading from url
  • Corrected: Set file extensions
  • Corrected: Access violation
  • Corrected: Playlist title lenghts
  • Corrected: Add playlist tracks
  • Corrected: Set OS language 

GreenForce-Player 1.01  [ 2.14MB ]