AHD Subtitles Maker permits you to create the most common text-based subtitle formats in minutes. AHD Subtitles Maker supports the most common text-based subtitle formats that can be exported as a single file (but not inside the media file) that can be used in most media players and/or creation programs. It Supports subtitle common subtitle formats like Power Divx / DVD Subtitles / Mpl... you know them all and how to use them in your favorite movie/song.

Also it supports the media files types that your Windows(R) can support, cause it depends on the Windows(R) media player and it´s media codec pack that installed in your system.

Have you found a program that can create/extract mp3´s ID3 Tag Synchronized Lyric and convert it into subtitle format(s) and add subtitle format into ID3 Tag Synchronized Lyric ?!! Yes, you can do it with AHD Subtitles Maker.

The workflow in AHD Subtitles Maker has three basic parts:

  • Import the media file (Audio or Video) that you want to create subtitles for
  • Create the subtitles by adding language tracks and subtitles.
  • Export the language track´s subtitles to the desired Format.
AHD Subtitles Maker Pro

  • Create the most common text-based subtitle formats in minutes.
  • Create ID3 (Synchronized Lyric) items and save them into mp3 files.
  • Extract ID3 (Synchronized Lyric) and export to desired Format.
  • Use the time format (Second, Millisecond) to guarantee the most accuracy.
  • Use multilingual projects by storing subtitles data in language tracks.
  • Convert between formats by importing them to your project, then export them to your desired format.
  • Use your system´s media codecs to be playable for any media kind (Audio and Video) available.

Download AHD Subtitles Maker Pro
Requires: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.

What´s New in version
  • Added: new button to import subtitles format directly in quick start dialog
  • Added: right to left option in import dialog
  • Fixed: encoding search in import subtitles format window (hangs when search for
  • encoding)
  • Fixed: timeline magnetic feature when moving more than one subtitle
  • Fixed: updater download button (always disabled)
  • Improved: the subtitles data control (flashing on refresh)
  • Improved: the timeline control auto scroll feature (now is enabled only on media
  • playing to make it easier to scroll when player is stopped)
  • Improved: the errors checker control, hang sometimes in auto check.
  • Improved: MicroDVD subtitles format: failed to load file if framerate is not
  • presented at the first line of the file and now if the framerate is not presented,
  • the framerate dialog shows up.
  • Improved: SubRip subtitles format: now this format fully support html tags of fonts
  • and colors.